Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems

FEF 2017

The 19th edition of the IACM International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems will take place in Rome, Italy, on April 5 - 7, 2017.

The main objective of FEF 2017 is to provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and latest research results in finite element and related methods for applications involving fluid mechanics and transport phenomena.

The scope of the conference is very broad, with coverage of the theory, implementation, assessment and application in all of the major and emerging areas of fluid dynamics and flow-related phenomena.

The methods covered at the conference are not restricted to finite elements. Many researchers using different methods attended this conference during the previous editions and we expect the same for FEF 2017.

Contributions are welcomed in one of the following topics, listed in alphabetical order:


Adaptivity in CFD

Blood flows

Computational fluid dynamics

Computational mechanics

Computational science and engineering

Finite element method

Flow control

Fluid-structure interaction problems

High performance computing

Iso-geometrical analysis

Multiphase problems

Multiphysics problems

Multiscale and large scale problems


Reduced order methods

Spectral methods

Uncertainty quantification in flows

(The list is not exhaustive)

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