Konference: Transport and Sedimentation of Solid Particles


The international conferences on Transport and Sedimentation of Solid Particles have been initiated and further developed since 1971 by the Institute of Environmental Engineering (former Institute of Hydro - and Geoengineering) of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland.

For more than 45 years these Conferences have been a traditional place of meeting and active debates of scientists, engineers and leading authorities engaged in the field of pipeline transport and sedimentation of solid particles. The Conferences have supported an international exchange of research, developments and transfer of technology in these fields. Among the participants there are mechanical, civil and chemical engineers, physicists, hydromechanical, hydrotechnical and hydrology scientists, sanitary engineers and engineers dealing with problems of the natural environment.


The Conference is expected to cover all the aspects of conveyance of solids by fluids, motion of solids and solid-fluid interaction in closed and open conduits. The topics aspects of interest include:

  • Two-phase and multiphase flow, Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow;
  • Designing, optimization and operation of hydro- and pneumo-transport system, wear and corrosions, pumps and valves, etc.
  • Sediment transport in rivers and water reservoirs, hydraulic storage of tailings/ sedimentation and thickening;
  • Measurement methods and techniques, field and laboratory instrumentation, industrial systems;

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