A new database of hydrological and environmental metadata launched

High quality field data are crucial to success in the hydrological and environmental research. As such monitoring is often expensive and time consuming, it is convenient to share such data among research institutions. However, to facilitate the sharing, one must know the “who, where, and what”. That is why the hydrologists from the Institute of Hydrodynamics Czech Academy of Science developed a website for storage and exchange of such metadata, called HydroMetaData.

The content is built by individual researchers who can add their own observation details. All monitoring sites are displayed on a map and it is possible to search by various parameters.

If you are interested in sharing your metadata, contact website’s administrators (hnilica@nullih.cas.cz or sipek@nullih.cas.cz) and they will create an account for you.


The project is supported by the Research Programme Strategy AV21 Water for life.

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