Combating land degradation and soil erosion in Ethiopia

A few days ago, hydrologists from the Institute of Hydrodynamics returned from the Sidama region in Ethiopia, where they began work on a multi-year project in cooperation with the Czech Development Agency, People in Need and All for Soil.

Every rainy season, this densely populated region loses large areas of fertile land and human dwellings, leaving the affected families with no choice but to move and look for livelihoods elsewhere. The aim of the project is to describe the characteristics of the specific soil environment, which is severely degraded by water erosion, to propose measures to mitigate this process and to help set up sustainable agriculture for local farmers. The landscape and climate in the famous Eastern African Rift are partly specific, but the knowledge gained here will contribute to increase the understanding of the hydrological regime of similar soils in the Czechia and worldwide. The scientists are now analysing the soil samples and awaiting the first batch of soil moisture and rainfall data from the newly installed sensors.

celá africká vesnice sleduje, jak český hydrolog zakopává půdní vlhkoměry erozí silně postižená krajina
erozní strže Etiopané a čeští hydrologové u nově instalovaného srážkoměru
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