Cooperation of IH and AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) within COST Actions

Zuzanna Krysiak, a PhD student from Cracow, Poland, succeeded in applying for a short term scientific mission within COST Action "European Network to connect research and innovation efforts on Advanced Smart Textiles” CA17107. She worked at the Institute of Hydrodynamics under a supervision of Ing. Petra Peer, Ph.D., for 3 weeks.

Characterization of different oils can bring new solutions for atopic skin treatment using fibers patches and natural moisturizers. For example, the application of sunflower oil is widely known, but there is no research on other oils and their usage in textile treatment for atopic dermatitis.

Among many polymers used poly(vinyl butyral-co-vinyl alcohol-co-vinyl acetate) (PVB), which has good elasticity and optical transparency, was not investigated for medical applications in the form of electrospun fibers. Therefore, the goal of this study is to characterize different oils and then investigate their behavior on electrospun PVB fibers.



Credit: Nano4Skin


is a PhD student working on the project Nanofiber-based sponges for atopic skin treatment (Nano4Skin) at AGH University of Science and Technology (Cracow, Poland). The aim of her PhD thesis is to produce electrospun polymer fibers and assess viability and cell interactions with produced structure; and also to find and characterize oils which can be used for atopic skin as textile based treatment.


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