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Lenka Čermáková achieved the Otto Wichterle Award

One of the 25 laureates of the Otto Wichterle Award, who received the prize from the hands of the president of the CAS, Eva Zažímalová, during the ceremony held in the Villa Lanna on 20th June 2022, was Lenka Čermáková from the Institute of Hydrodynamics.   Lenka Čermáková focuses on drinking water treatment, particularly on […]
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The Institute of Hydrodynamics supports Ukraine

Proclamation of the Headquarters of The Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Czech Academy of Sciences The institutional headquarters strongly condemn the violent attack on the independent and free Ukraine by the Russian army. The institutional headquarters firmly believe that the Russian aggression targeting Ukraine will result in the immense suffering of the Ukrainian people and […]
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Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics concerned with balance and movement of fluids and fluid systems under the influence of external and internal forces. The fundamental difference between the rigid body and the fluid is the mobility of the molecules. 


Rheology is the study of the flow and deformation of matter. Rheological characteristics of materials are given by the type of applied flow and their physicochemical properties.


Hydrology studies the principles of water movements over the Earth. The main aim of the hydrological research is to define an occurrence of water, its circulation, spatial distribution, physical and chemical properties, and it relation to biosphere. 


Drinking water treatment is a technological branch dealing with removal of undesirable impurities from water. The most employed method is a formation of suspension by the means of dosing and mixing coagulants and subsequent separation of formed suspension by sedimentation and/or filtration.


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