Information for the Public

Reference services are available for all visitors. Circulation services are available only for registered library users.

You will need your ID card or passport for registration. The registration is free and you can borrow available documents immediately after registering. Some documents are on long-term loans to IH researchers but in that case we will try to negotiate with the researcher to lend the document to you.

Information for IH Employees

All employees automatically become users of our library and can use all its services.

We will find the literature you want in other libraries and negotiate the loan. We will ready any article or publication you request and we will help you with finding literature on topics of your interest. We can scan documents you provide. If you want to acquire a publication using funds from a grant you received, we will be happy to make appropriate arrangements.


Circulation Services

  • All our registered users and all libraries in Czechia can borrow documents from our library.
  • You can request our services by e-mail, by phone, through VPK or in person.
  • Publications borrowed by libraries outside Prague are sent by post; publications borrowed by Prague libraries are readied for pick-up at the library or delivered in person.
  • Users are obliged to immediately report any damage to, or loss of, any borrowed publication, and are obliged to compensate for the damage.

Reprographic Services

  • We are happy to print copy or scan anything for you, provided it is without risk of damage to the publication and not contrary to the law.
  • Our library uses the document delivery service VPK.
  • Users can request reprographic services by e-mail, by phone, through VPK or in person.

Research and Reference Services

  • We can compile a list of literature on a given topic for our users, using all electronic information resources available in our library.
  • We can also search for journals, conduct citation analyses from the databases Web of Knowledge and SCOPUS, find the Impact Factor using Journal Citation Reports or the Hirsch index.