Antimicrobial nanofibrous membranes for water filtration

Investigatordoc. Petr Filip, CSc.
Duration2019 - 2022

The project complies with the prescript aims COST Action CA 17108 on the studies of intelligent textiles, specifically in this case nanofibrous non-woven textile. The aim of this project is a preparation of antimicrobial nanofibrous membranes based on electrospinning process using for water filtration. The project is directed to understanding the interactions between antimicrobial additives and polymers in a solvent from the rheological viewpoint. The attention will be paid to the rheological characterization of electrospun polymer solutions depending both on their concentrations and a character of antimicrobial additives. The applied additives will range both to the inorganic type (iron and silver nanoparticles) and to the organic type (monoacylglycerols, essential oils, quaternary ammonium compounds). Rheological analysis enables to predict applicability of the individual membrane types in dependence on morphology of nanofibres (shape, diameter, diameter variance).