Characterisation of algal organic matter and its effect on coagulation/flocculation process

Investigatordoc. RNDr. Martin Pivokonský, Ph.D.
Duration2011 - 2015

The project is aimed at a characterisation of AOM (Algal Organic Matter) composition and structure, explanation of AOM effect on chemical water treatment, description of mechanisms that participate in interaction of AOM and coagulations and AOM effect on suspension properties at variable conditions during water treatment. The presented project is treated in two follow-up phases. The first phase is focused in isolation, composition and structure characterisation of algal organic matter produced by selected species of cyanobacteria, green algae and diatoms. The other phase is focused on mechanisms that participate in interaction of AOM and coagulants, influence of reaction conditions on AOM coagulation and description of AOM effect on coagulation and flocculation of other impurities present in water (kaolin suspension, humic substances, etc.). Further, the effect of AOM composition on aggregate properties (size, shape, density, etc.) is studied in this phase.