Characterization of polymer melts and solutions by means of constitutive equations

InvestigatorIng. Radek Pivokonský, Ph.D.
Duration2017 - 2019

Knowledge of the rheological properties of polymeric materials plays a key role for material producers, process instrument and polymer processing manufacturers, as well. This is important from the point of view of tailoring of new materials with specific properties suitable either for a given process or for final product. Modelling of the material flow properties and their characterization with the help of constitutive models (phenomenological, differential, integral) allows their more responsible and accurate embedding into a mathematical description of studied processes. The aim of the proposed project is to analyze the polymeric materials from the viewpoint of the rheological properties (in shear, oscillatory shear, and elongation flows), study and comparison of predictive/fitting capabilities of the individual constitutive models in steady and transient shear and elongation flow. Based on this analysis, the new model or the modification of the existing models (including the phenomenological ones) will be proposed.

Project goals

Analysis of polymeric materials in linear and nonlinear shear (incl. nonlinear oscillatory shear) and elongation flows. A proposal of a new constitutive equation or a modification of the existing ones for a description of the rheological properties of non-Newtonian fluids in various flow situations.