Chemically induced hydrodynamic instabilities in a liquid layer with a free gas-liquid interface

InvestigatorIng. Lenka Šebestíková, Ph.D.
Duration2010 - 2014

In the recent period still increasing attention has been paid to chemo-hydrodynamic instabilities bound to mass and heat exchanges through physical interfaces. Chemo-hydrodynamic instabilities connected with coupling of the Iodate Arsenous Acid reaction and induced convection will be investigated in system with free liquid-gas interface. The rectangular 20 cm long channel reactor provides regulation of the reaction solution depth. The thin reaction zone itself serves as interface between two miscible fluids. Preliminary experimental results have shown unexpected behaviour of the system like: i) deformation of the reaction front, ii) collapse of the front, iii) formation of turbulence like flow patterns, etc. Mechanism of the behaviour is not known yet and represents one of the goals of this project. The systematic experimental study will be carry out under specific strictly determine conditions, where Marangoni, buoyancy effects or the particular mass transport processes will be under the control. The experiments will be supported by parallel numerical studies.