Hydrological fluxes in soil-plant-atmosphere system

InvestigatorIng. Miroslav Tesař, CSc.
External InvestigatorProf. T. Vogel, Ph.D. (Fakulta stavební, ČVUT Praha)
Duration2008 - 2012

The proposed research is focused on improved quantitative understanding of processes controlling the transfer of water near the land surface, including soil-plant-atmosphere (SPA) interactions. The subject matter will be addressed through analysis of the SPA system responses to varying atmospheric forcing and subsequent modeling of the key hydrological processes in the individual compartments of the SPA system at the relevant spatiotemporal scales. A unique component of the proposed research is the combination of accurate measurements of transpiration stream in trees (using the method of heat field deformation imaging - HFD) with detailed numerical modeling of transient soil water movement in the root zone.