Laminar-Turbulent transition modeling

InvestigatorIng. Bohumír Hoření, CSc.
External Co-InvestigatoDoc. Horák, CSc. (Fakulta vojenské technologie Brno)
Duration2007 - 2009

Proposed project is focused on the transition from laminar to turbulent flow modeling. Actual CFD methods practically neglect such kind of problems. The only exception represents a code ANSYS CFX 10.0 using local interpretation of experimentally obtained dates. There are feasible another locally formulated approaches, frequently preferably physical-founded. The intended model of transition from laminar to the turbulent flow will be implemented into the program code. Selected applications will be verified by the comparison with an experiment. The mentioned turbulence transition processes frequently affect the economy of numerous technical solutions. Numerical transient model implementation can facilitate construction of newly developed units already in the course of design and enables to qualify modifications needed to efficiency improving of an existing installations operation.