Tool for design and optimization of sludge transport system and development of instrument for its laboratory testing

InvestigatorIng. Mikoláš Kesely, Ph.D.
External Co-InvestigatoBc. Kristýna Svitavská (SWECO Hydroprojekt a.s.)
Duration2019 - 2021

The project aims to develop a computational tool for design and optimization of sewage-treatment sludge-transport systems composed of pipeline and centrifugal pump(s). In order to design such a tool, it is necessary to gain knowledge of (a) rheological properties of transported sludge and (b) structure and regime of pipe flow of the sludge. Information obtained by the research will be used (i) to select suitable predictive models for flow and pumping of the sludge, (ii) to determine limitations and criteria for application predictive models. Innovative laboratory equipment for determination of flow characteristics of pipeline and pump and rheological parameters of transported sludge will be developed and constructed to validate the computational tool.