Elimination of perfluorinated organic compounds in drinking water treatment

InvestigatorRNDr. Lenka Čermáková, Ph.D.
External Co-InvestigatoMgr. Jaroslav Semerád Ph.D. (MBÚ AV ČR, v.v.i.), Martin Navrátil (VHS Vrchlice-Maleč, a.s.)
Duration2020 - 2022

Aims of the project:

The aims of this project are
(a) a proven technology of perfluorinated organic compounds’ (PFCs) removal during water treatment by optimizing the coagulation/flocculation processes,
(b) a summary research report on the removal efficiency of PFCs by coagulation/flocculation and
laboratory tests with selected sorbents,
(c) a scale-up model of a drinking water treatment plant with coagulation/flocculation and adsorption technologies for PFCs removal,
(d) a proven technology of employing fish at the drinking water treatment plant as passive samplers of longterm exposition/bioaccumulation of PFCs,
(e) a summary research report describing results achieved by the scale-up model and evaluation of the level of PFCs contamination in different sources of drinking water in the Czech Republic.