Advanced flow-field analysis

InvestigatorIng. Václav Kolář, CSc.
External Co-InvestigatoIng. Jakub Šístek, Ph.D. (MÚ AVČR, v.v.i.)
Duration2018 - 2020

The research deals with an advanced flow-field analysis, particularly for transitional and turbulent flows. Local vortex identification and more general classification of flow regions based on the velocity gradient are investigated. The velocity gradient is usually decomposed in strain-rate tensor and vorticity tensor, consequently the identification and classification criteria are determined by the inner velocity-gradient configuration. The impact of configuration is usually significant though hidden, and will be, including representative data sets, analyzed and described. Large-scale 3D numerical experiments based on the solution of the Navier-Stokes equations (NSE) will be performed with the help of new effective methods (parallel domain decomposition (DD) with adaptive mesh refinement) while these methods will be further developed. Some suitable qualitative properties of the solutions to the NSE will be studied and described in detail, focusing on the regularity criteria with only one or two velocity components and one or several velocity-gradient entries.

The goal of the project

The analysis aims to describe a dependence of selected local identification criteria on the velocity-gradient configuration. 3D numerical solutions of the NSE will be performed and the DD methods further developed. Selected qualitative properties of the solutions to the NSE will be described.