Determination of the transfer rates between circular liquid impinging jet and a solid surface with particular emphasis to plane cooling

InvestigatorIng. Václav Mík, CSc.
External InvestigatorIng. Václav Mík, CSc. (ÚH AV ČR, Praha)
Duration1992 - 1994

Liquid jet impingement is commonly used in engineering applications because of the high heat and mass transfer rates associated with impingement. The aim of project is (i) to determine experimentally values of transfer rate on solid surface by means of electrochemical method, (ii) to formulate the dependence of transfer rate on velocity characteristics of the flow, or on the other influence. Principal interest of the investigation will be concentrated on stagnation and wall jet regions of the flow and mainly on the region of hydraulic jump, where velocity profile of radial flow changes its shape and size. According to our hypothesis this fact would influence upon transfer rate on solid surface. In literature this question has not been mentioned yet. Besides quantitative changes, of transfer rates the task will be also performed numerical heat transfer and fluid flow analysis.