Pulsatile flow of model and real fluids in the simulation of cardio-vascular system and its substitutes

InvestigatorIng. František Klimeš, CSc.
External InvestigatorIng. František Klimeš, CSc. (ÚH AV ČR, Praha)
Duration1991 - 1993

The proposed project follows up with the results achieved in the Biomechanical Department of the Institute of Hydrodynamics CSAS in the research of pulsatile blood flow in the cardiovascular systém. It is directed to hydrodynamical aspects of mutual interaction of flowing blood and the vessel wall in selected places of the cardiovascular systém, e.g. In the areas of dividing and bending of vessels, flow stagnation, separation or recirculation areas and the areas of stenoses or dilatations of the vessel. The research should contribute to clarify which values of wall shear stresses do belong among significant factors causing the origin of local arteriosclerotic changes. Special attention will be direcred to the determination of optimal mechanical and hydrodynamical properties of vascular grafts, to the analysis of velocity and shear stress ratios at their connection with arteries and to the application of the obtained results to the vascular surgery. Model investigation will be also used to investigate the phenomena occuring in the cardiovascular systém after clinical application of artificial heart valves and supporting blood pumps.