Rheological modelling of high-pressure polymer flows

Investigatordoc. Petr Filip, CSc.
External InvestigatorDoc. Hausnerová, Ph.D. (Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University)
Duration2008 - 2012

Primary step for polymer process modelling is represented by a rheological characterisation of the polymer used. With the development of polymer processing and the onset of new materials it is still more evident that the hitherto applied approach to their rheological description is insufficient. While temperature influence is theoretically respected to some extent, this is not the case of a pressure. A number of papers dealing with this topic is more than scarce. This is reflected in the modelling of those processes, where pressure plays a dominant role as e.g. injection moulding. The principal aim of this project is an appropriate implementation of pressure influence into the rheological description of the polymer materials studied (especially powders mixed with the suitable polymer-based binders). This theoretical approach will be experimentally testified by the help of the rheometers equipped with the additional devices enabling measurements under high pressure. Modification of a theoretical procedure will be carried out in confrontation with the injection-moulding experimental results.