Soluble and insoluble fraction of inorganic pollutants in various types of precipitation, their quantification and input into the ecosystems

InvestigatorIng. Miroslav Tesař, CSc.
External InvestigatorIng. Jaroslav Fišák, CSc. (Institute of Atmospheric Physics ASCR)
External Co-InvestigatoRNDr. Jan Rohovec, Ph.D.
Duration2009 - 2013

The project is focussed on the estimate of the occult precipitation total and the formulation and validation of pollutant concentration (PC) in different precipitation types (PT) on meteorological conditions, on air particles transport, nature and conditions of the precipitation formation. Water and pollutant input will be evaluated for selected rain/fog events at experimental basins taking account local and distant pollution sources. The project involves experimental and analytical parts. Yearly 12 samples of bulk precipitation and throughfall will be collected. The duration of the project is 5 years in order to obtain at least 50 samples of each type of precipitation at the given area which makes possible high quality elaboration of results. The existing data sets of soluble pollutants are available for the project. The main goals of the project are: (i) to estimate the amount of occult deposition using water balance of the forest canopy, (ii) to spepcify the PC differences in different PT, (iii) to estimate pollutant sources and their impact on the natural environments.