The influence of concentration and selected physical parameters of concentrated fine suspensions on flow regimes

Investigatorprof. Ing. Pavel Vlasák, DrSc.
External InvestigatorDoc. Ing. Aleš Havlík, CSc. (FSv ČVUT, Praha)
External Co-Investigatoprof. Ing. Karel Brada, DrSc. (FS ČVUT, Praha)
Duration1993 - 1995

The aim of the proposed project is to perform theoretical analysis of rheological behaviour of concentrated fine-grained suspensions and to determine their flow characteristics in different flow regimes in pipes. The mathematical models describing flow behaviour of suspensions and working process of pumping will be developed. Experimental investigation will be carried out on the capillary and rotational viscometers and the results compared with experimental data obtained in pipes. The results together with physico-chemical and hydrodynamic properties of suspensions will be used to formulate relationships for turbulent and/or transition flow regimes. Simultaneously, the dependence of the centrifugal pump characteristics on physical parameters of concentrated suspensions will be investigated. The results of the project will be used for hydraulic design and optimization of industrial pipelines in accordance with environmental requirements, e.g., hydrotransport of ash-gypsum slurries from thermal power plants.