Flow behavioour and turbulent properties of special surfactant additives with a micelle structure

InvestigatorIng. Jiří Myška, CSc.
External InvestigatorIng. Jiří Myška, CSc. (ÚH AV ČR, Praha)
Duration1991 - 1993

There is a number of fundamental questions that need to be addressed to understand the interaction of micelles and the turbulent flow. Within the framework of international cooperation, this project accents the utilization of rheological analysis of micellar solutions in developing velocity profile correlations and scale up correlations. Measurement of velocity fluctuations at various flow rates will either confirm or reject the hypothesis of an existence of a secondary network structure and of the micelle orientation. The results can help to reduce the costs of the district heating loops. Friction losses in the turbulent pipe flow in the recirculating loop can be significantly reduced by the use of drag reducing additives. Low molecular weight surfactants which form large micelles are effective friction reducers. While they may lose their effectiveness in regions of high shear, the degradation is reversible and their drag reducing effectiveness is again regained upon entry into lower shear regions.