Digital TWIN for Safety of Critical INfrastructure in water treatment plants

Investigatordoc. RNDr. Martin Pivokonský, Ph.D.
External Investigatordoc. Ing. Jan Bartáček Ph.D. (VŠCHT)
External Co-InvestigatoJUDr. Rudolf Blažek (Mezinárodní bezpečnostní institut z. ú.), Ing. Jiří Jirkovský MBA. (VDT Technology a. s. )
Duration2022 - 2023

Project will implement emerging digital twin of a water treatment plant (WTP) enabling the simulation of technological and process measures for various operating conditions, management of documentation and especially the management of operational risks. Thanks to the 24-hour prediction of raw water quality input using the computational algorithm of neural networks, operational risks will be eliminated. This predictive knowledge of the input parameters to the water treatment process will increase, together with the expert simulation in a mathematical model, the robustness of the critical infrastructure system and ensure the supply of quality drinking water to the population. Simulations in the digital twin will be performed in real time on the infrastructure of testing authorities.