Investigation of flow behaviour for a novel class of metallocene-based polymers

InvestigatorIng. Jiří David, CSc.
External Co-InvestigatoDoc. Ing. Martin Zatloukal, Ph.D. (Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University)
Duration2007 - 2011

At the 90s´ new metallocene catalysts enabled synthesis of polymers exhibiting narrow molecular weight distribution and very well controlled molecular architecture and molecular weight. In spite of much better product qualities of these polymers in comparison with the conventional ones their wider usage is significantly limited due to poor processability in the standard technologies. Recent publications indicate a possibility of elimination of this shortage by controlled implementation of the long chain branches on the main chain or by presence of high molecular weight component fraction in the polymer (bimodal molecular weight distribution). This project aims at revealing a relationship between molecular architecture of these polymers and their rheolological flow behaviour. Attention also will be paid to the development of new experimental techniques for determination of the extensional viscosity and meit strength with respect to their specific behaviour in the melting temperature area.