The Week of the Czech Academy of Science is the most extensive science festival in the Czech Republic. It takes place every year in November.

The programme for the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences  offers events all over the Czech Republic – in every regional seat and many other places.

Visitors have the opportunity to attend lectures, exhibitions, excursions, science cafés, the screenings of documentary films, look into scientific workplaces, laboratories and libraries and learn how science is conducted. In the mornings, the lectures and excursions are aimed mainly at secondary-school students. The afternoon and evening lectures and accompanying events are prepared for the wider public, but follow the information for the individual events, because only registered visitors have access to the majority of the programme.

The open houses at the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences are intended for all visitors, who are interested in finding out more on the latest trends in the area of science, in the work of scientific employees, the research projects of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the latest scientific instruments. Many lectures will be delivered online and their recording will be saved in the archive.

All of the workplaces of the Czech Academy of Sciences and more than 50 partner organisations, whom we thank greatly for their support, participate in the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Week  is coordinated by the Department of the Popularisation of Science and Marketing of the Centre for Administration and Operations of the CAS, v. v. i.

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