The Institute for Hydrodynamics offers for loan the exhibition „Water“ focused on the importance of water for humans and for our entire planet. The exhibition concerns the natural cycle of water in nature and the role of man in it.
The exhibition is suitable for the general public, pupils and students of all age categories, for everyone interested in water in all its meanings and contexts.

The exhibition contains eight thematic panels concerning interesting facts about water. Panels are double-sided (one side in Czech and one in English).

The exhibiton contains also two interactive 3D models (currently in Czech):

Human water use Water cycle in landscape

The first performance of the exhibition took place in Science and Art Gallery (Galerie Věda a uměni)  in the Headquarters of the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2020.


Technical descripiton

  • It is an indoor exhibition.
  • The total space required for the exhibition is approximately 8 x 8 m.
  • The exhibition contains 8 independent panels (205 cm * 110 cm * 30 cm) with the possibility of backlighting.
  • 3D models‘ dimesions (120 cm * 120 cm *120 cm)

If you are interested in free loan of the exhibition or have any questions, contact Lenka Pivokonská (