At the present time, the scientific research can be divided into four groups: fluid mechanicshydrologyrheology and water treatment. Although it is not apparent, these subjects have many things in common. Brief characteristics of individual branches and research specialization of scientific teams is stated below.

Fluid mechanics and mechanics of multiphase systems

Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics that studies behaviour of fluids at rest and in motion as a result of forces acting on fluids bodies. 


Rheology is the study of the flow of matter. Rheological characteristics of materials are given by the type of applied flow and their physicochemical properties. Based on these characteristics, the materials can be divided into two groups: Newtonian (e.g. water, oil) and non-Newtonian


Hydrology studies the principles of water movements over the Earth. The main aim of the hydrological research is to define an occurrence of water, its circulation, spatial distribution, physical and chemical properties, and it relation to biosphere.


Drinking water treatment is a technological branch dealing with removal of undesirable impurities from water. The most employed method is a formation of suspension by the means of dosing and mixing coagulants and subsequent separation of formed suspension by sedimentation and/or filtration.