Institute of Hydrodynamics of the CAS
doc. RNDr. Martin Pivokonský, Ph.D.
Tel.: 233 109 022

Co-operative laboratory

Water treatment plant U Sv. Trojice
VHS Vrchlice-Maleč, a. s. (Water management company)
Bylany 85
284 01 Kutná Hora


The co-operative research laboratory of the Institute of Hydrodynamics of the CAS and the water management company VHS Vrchlice-Maleč is situated directly on the grounds of water treatment plant. That enables a direct communication between researchers and the water treatment plant operator and mediates a connection of the basic research and application field. Thus, it is possible to implement the research results into water treatment practice and make water treatment technology more simple and effective. On the basis of practically verified results it is then possible to build a technological know-how that can be used on many other water treatment plants. Moreover, the co-operative laboratory has also an educational objective, i.e. enable students to connect theoretical knowledge gained during studies with the pilot plant and operation practice and help training them to be future qualified employees of water treatment companies.

Target groups

The recipients of our services are mainly water management companies (operators of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants), developers and manufacturers of devices for water treatment and also any other entities involved in the field of water pollution or treatment technologies.

Our services

Equipment of the laboratory and its location within the water treatment plant allow providing the following services:

  • optimization of existing water treatment technologies: (1) jar tests - optimization of pH conditions, the type and dose of coagulant, mixing time and intensity; (2) continuous pilot plant tests - verification of the parameters determined in preceding batch tests, alteration of sedimentation process and filtration runs – all of them with the use of raw water from Vrchlice reservior
  • verification of the laboratory and pilot plant optimization of parameters in the actual water treatment plant operation
  • water treatment technology design: homogenizing mixing; aggregation mixing; separation processes – sedimentation, filtration, flotation, membrane processes; adsorption onto activated carbon