Nowadays fluid flow simulations are indivisible part of the fluid mechanics. They are mostly performed by approximate calculation methods of the numerical mathematics like finite element method FEM, finite volume method FVM, Lattice Boltzmann method LBM etc. Primarily those calculations were planed to substitute expensive and demanding experiments and become powerful tool for design and optimization. Nevertheless, simulations also required improving of the accuracy and verification according experimental findings, namely when the calculations are presently more focused on multiphysics tasks and unsteady processes. We use and modify for that calculations commercial solvers (e. g. ANSYS FLUENT), open source solvers (e. g. OpenFOAM) and household codes as well.

Research activities


  • CFD (FVM, FEM, LBM a DEM) methods in flow dynamics and multiphase flow.
  • Solving of the particles movement in turbulent flow by Lattice Boltzmann method LBM with implementing of the forces caused by solid interactions.