prof. Ing. Pavel Vlasák, DrSc.

Occupationresearch worker
Phone+420 233 109 092
DepartmentDept. of Fluid Mechanics

Education and Professional Experience

Ing. (MSc.)- Water Management, Specialization Hydraulic and Hydro-melioration Structures, Fac. of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU).

Dip. H.E. (Delft) - (Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering), International Courses in Hydraulic and Hydrology Engineering,  Delft, The Netherlands.

Diploma thesis: "The inverse difference scheme".

Ph.D. - Thermomechanics and fluid mechanics, IH CSAS-Faculty of C.E., CTU in Prague.

Ph.D. thesis: „Transversal forces acting on cylindrical capsule conveyed by liquid in a horizontal pipe“.

DrSc. - Committee for hydraulic structures, hydrology and water management, CTU in Prague.

Thesis: „Flow of capsules conveyed by fluid in pipes“.

Assoc. Professor in Water management and Hydraulic constructions, Faculty of C.E., Czech Technical University in Prague.

Thesis: „Hydraulic capsule pipeline transport“.

Professor in Water management and Hydraulic constructions, Czech Technical University in Prague.  

Professors Lecture: „Hydraulic pipeline transport“.

Prof. h.c. (Wratislaviences), Polonia.

Research activities

Fluid mechanics

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Teaching activities

Department of Transport Construction, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, University of Pardubice:

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Hydrotechnical Structures