The occurrence of micropollutants in drinking water and their potential impact on human health is currently one of the most important research topics in the field of drinking water quality and treatment, and it is of great societal importance. Nowadays one of the most discussed micropollutants are per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which are used in many industries owing to their unique technological properties. However, at the same time, their high persistence, bioaccumulation ability and toxicity have been proven, due to which they may pose risks to human health. Within this field, we focus not only on the quantification of PFAS in water sources and in treated water but also on the possibility of PFAS elimination during drinking water treatment process. An essential part of our research also is the identification and description of the interactions between these micropollutants and other impurities in water. In addition to PFAS, we focus on other anthropogenic micropollutants such as for instance pesticides.

Research Activities

  • Research on the occurrence of PFAS in water sources and in drinking water
  • Research on the efficiency of individual water treatment processes for the removal of PFAS and of other micropollutants
  • Investigation of PFAS and other micropollutants adsorption mechanisms and optimisation of the adsorption process