Fluvial sediment transport

The flow of the water over a bed comprising sedimented solid particles yields forces lifting the particles, and enables the formation of flowing suspensions. The conditions of the moving suspension formation and its properties depend on many factors, namely particle shape, density and concentration, liquid viscosity, flow speed and direction. We focus on experimental and computational characterisation of conditions which result in the formation of the flowing suspensions, measurement and prediction of the flow structure, description of the suspension rheology, and development of numerical methods suitable for modelling the suspension flow in various natural and industrial processes. The results of our fundamental research in fluvial sediment transport are applied in the design of industrial pumps for the transport of paste fluids, sediments, and sludges. 

Research Activities

  • Characterisation of the particle shape influence on the suspension formation and stability
  • Research on water-solid systems rheology
  • Investigation of various suspended particles interactions
  • Development and testing of numerical models for prediction of solid-solid and solid-liquid interactions