IH research included in the new book Flocculation: Processes and Applications

The renowned publisher Nova Science Publishers, Inc., has released a book Flocculation: Processes and Applications (E. Vollan, Ed.). The authors of the Chapter 5 - Flocculation of AOM in Water Treatment - are the researchers from the Institute of Hydrodynamics. The chapter summarizes the newest knowledge of AOM removal in drinking water treatment. 

Flocculation of AOM in Water Treatment

Authors: Martin Pivokonský, Jana Načeradská, Kateřina Novotná, Lenka Čermáková a Petra Vašatová

Chapter contents:
1. Introduction
2. What is AOM
       2.1. Origin of AOM
       2.2. Composition of AOM
              2.2.1. AOM Peptides/Proteins
              2.2.2. AOM Carbohydrates
       2.3. Properties of AOM Related to Water Treatment
              2.3.1. Hydrophilicity/Hydrophobicity
              2.3.2. Molecular Weight Distribution
              2.3.3. Charge
3. Flocculation of AOM
4. Impact of AOM on Coagulation of Other Impurities
       4.1. Inorganic Particles
       4.2. Humic Substances
       4.3. Algal Cells
5. AOM as a Coagulant
6. Influence of AOM on Floc Properties
7. Conclusion

Book contents:

Chapter 1. Flocculant Polysacharides Mainly from Plants
Chapter 2. Coagulation and Flocculation with Plant Extracts
Chapter 3. The Process of Water Treatment with Aluminum Sulphate Associated with the Application of the Cactus Opuntia cochenillifera
Chapter 4. Flocculation: Mechanisms and Applications for Wastewater Treatment
Chapter 5. Flocculation of AOM in Water Treatment
Chapter 6. Comparison of Natural Coagulant and Chemistry in Tanning Wastewater Treatment Using the Flocculation Process
Chapter 7. Moringa Oleifera Seed Use in Salina Solution in Water Treatment in Lentic Bodies
Chapter 8. Evaluating New Biopolyelectrolytes for the Meat Processing Wastewater Treatment via Coagulation-Flocculation
Chapter 9. Treatment of Residual Waters of the Brewery Industry through the Flocculation Process with the Use of Inorganic and Organic Coagulants
Chapter 10. Application of Electrocoagulation with Voltage Variation to Obtain Potable Water
Chapter 11. An Evaluation of the Performance of the Coagulation/Flocculation Process with Aluminum and Ferric Salts on the Removal of Algal Toxins
Chapter 12. Treatment of Leachate from the Ouled Berjal Landfill in Morocco by Coagulation Flocculation: A Study of the Effect of Order for Reagent Introduction
Chapter 13. OMW Pretreatment by Assisted Sedimentation Methods: Coagulation/Flocculation
Chapter 14. Chitosan Based Flocculants for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions
Chapter 15. Determination of the Kinetic Coefficient of Aggregation and the Kinetic Coefficient of Rupture in the Turbidity Removal Process

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