Lenka Čermáková achieved the Otto Wichterle Award

One of the 25 laureates of the Otto Wichterle Award, who received the prize from the hands of the president of the CAS, Eva Zažímalová, during the ceremony held in the Villa Lanna on 20th June 2022, was Lenka Čermáková from the Institute of Hydrodynamics.


Lenka Čermáková focuses on drinking water treatment, particularly on the removal or natural organic matter and emerging anthropogenic pollutants, such as microplastics and perfluorinated compounds.


The Otto Wichterle Award is a prestigious honour associated with a financial reward, given by the Czech Academy of Sciences to exceptionally outstanding, promising young scientists since the year 2002. Nominees with scientific degrees and working at CAS are eligible provided that they are not older than 35 years.

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