International Water Association has released a new publication on drinking water treatment

Currently, a publication named „Jar Tests for Water Treatment Optimisation: How to Perform Jar Tests – a handbook“, written by the members of Institute of Hydrodynamics of the CAS with Martin Pivokonský as the first author, has been released by IWA (International Water Association) publishing. As IWA is the most significant association of water professionals, involving scientist, engineers, etc., from over 140 countries, the publication is a unique act within the Czech water professionals’ community. The book is available not only in print, but also as an open access e-book, thus the electronic version can be accessed by anyone for free.

The foreword written by one of the world’s leading experts in the field of water quality and treatment, prof. Rita Henderson (School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney), is given below as it accurately summarises the essence and the intention of the book:

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Martin Pivokonsky and his team for over 5 years, largely on the topic of coagulation and flocculation, which forms the focus of this book. Coagulation and flocculation is a critical water treatment process employed to remove a range of particles, colloids and dissolved material. … By discussing their experiences of implementing jar tests in practice, Martin and his co-authors make this technique highly accessible even for the novice water treatment engineer. I believe that this handbook will be an essential resource for everyone working the water quality and treatment field, from students, to research scientists, to water treatment plant operators and managers, and will certainly be recommending it to my research team.  I thank the authors for producing such a valuable, practical text which I am confident will be widely used.”


Pivokonský, M., Novotná, K., Čermáková, L., Petříček, R. (2022). Jar Tests for Water Treatment Optimisation: How to Perform Jar Tests – a handbook. London: IWA Publishing, 56 s. ISBN: 978-17-890-6268-7

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