The SoWa (Soil&Water) Research Infrastructure is the infrastructure for comprehensive interdisciplinary research of interactions between soil and water ecosystems, ecosystem processes and services on various spatiotemporal scales in the context of sustainable landscape use. It consists of four research sections (RS), six research programmes (RP) and nine highly equipped laboratories driven by ten highly experienced researchers. The quality, uniqueness and research excellency are guaranteed by the International Scientific Advisory Board, Steering Committee, top management and all group leaders.

SoWa vision

Our vision is a comprehensive research and understanding of soil and water ecosystems in context of sustainable landscape use.

SoWa mission

Our mission is to create and develop a unique international multidisciplinary platform for detailed investigation of biotic and abiotic processes and complex interactions between soil and water ecosystems at microscale, mesoscale and landscape level.

SoWa objectives

  • Systematic study of all biotic and abiotic processes and interactions between soil and water ecosystems;
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of key ecosystem processes and services;
  • Development of new technologies, applications and approaches for sustainable landscape use;
  • Development of new strategies for efficient utilization of natural resources to ensure food and resource security;
  • Improvement of fertile soils and surface water quality;
  • Protection of world natural heritage for next generations;
  • Interpretation and publication of research results;
  • Organisation of scientific and public events focused on soil and water;
  • Education and public outreach in soil and water sciences.
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